Sleep Ease

Sleep Ease

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A formula to quiet the mind and call in sweet dreams.

Our best-selling Sleep Ease blends sweet passionflower and spicy valerian with chamomile, hops, and California poppy to bring you a powerful, yet gentle, bedtime ally. A dropperful or two of this herbal sleep aid right before bed will settle agitation in mind and body— and have you drifting off to dreamland peacefully, effortlessly.


●      Calms the mind

●      Relieves nervous tension

●      Soothes nightmares

●      Relaxes the body

●      Promotes restful sleep



●      Passionflower; flowering top

●      Valerian; root

●      Hops; strobile

●      Chamomile; flowering top

●      California Poppy; whole flowering plant

●      Certified organic cane alcohol

●      Distilled water

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