CoreyPine started making his own herbal extracts while in herb school, both to be able to make individualized formulas to meet his clients’ needs, and because many of the local herbs were not available in commerce. Over the years, he found some of these formulas to be so effective that he started Pine’s Herbals to make them available to the public.

Pine’s then expanded from CoreyPine’s kitchen table to a tincture-making lab in a commercial building, and from pints and quarts of individual herbs to gallons. In 2014, the company hired its first employee to help initiate new systems and standards and increase efficiency in production. Since then, we’ve grown to a close-knit, small staff, and have created systems to track all of our tinctures from harvest to shelf. We’ve also updated our labels to reflect the company's image and level of professionalism.

We have always focused on plants that we’ve harvested ourselves from the wild, and we also support local organic and biodynamic herb farmers to provide the highest quality and freshest herbs – because an extract can only be as good as the herbs that go into it.



Two hands applying the Pine's Herbal Joint Grace tincture label to a 20x bottle in a lab


Pine's Herbals strives to increase health and joy through plant medicine.


To bring awareness to the healing benefits of herbal medicine, and to be an example of how to create herbal formulas in a way that is ethical, sustainable, clinically superior, and made with the purest ingredients.

Guiding Principles

The owners of Pine’s Herbals abide by a set of principles that guide our work, our interactions with each other, and the way we fulfill our mission. 

  • Local – We use local wildcrafted herbs whenever possible

  • Sustainable – We use sustainably harvested plants

  • Organic – We use organic herbs whenever possible

  • Grain-Free - We use organic cane alcohol in our extraction process to ensure that no grains are used in any of our products

  • Living Wage – We pay our employees a living wage for this area

  • Clinical Formulation – We create formulas based on what works, not just what's popular

  • Consistency - We use specific weight to volume ratios to create consistency in our products

Large clear jars of labeled dried herbs for herbal medicine at the Pine's Herbals apothecary